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Agrego una explicación bastante exhaustiva de Tom Glenn del por qué usar RAW8 en planetaria para complementar lo discutido en este post "Los Gigante Gaseosos":




The short and oversimplified answer to your question about bit depth is, don't record anything above 8 bits.  There can be exceptions, but these don't apply to anyone asking these questions.  And of course, this only applies to planetary (and most lunar) imaging, but not deep sky imaging.


8 bits only records 256 tonal values versus 4096 values for 12 bits.  The reason it doesn't help is that if you look at the tonal value for any individual pixel of the image in the live view, you will almost always notice a fluctuation of at least 1 tonal value (out of 256) due to atmospheric turbulence (typically much more than 1 value). The atmosphere introduces a type of noise, which is reflected in uncertainty in the measurement.  A change of even 1 value, say from a level of 80 to 81 (again, out of 256), would already completely consume the extra 4 bits of information.  So the extra precision of the 12 bit recording would be worthless, because it would just be recording the atmospheric noise. In these cases, a stack of 8 bit images yields equivalent precision to a stack of 12 bit images. Indeed, the final stack does have more than 8 bits of information, which is one of the great benefits to stacking.  If you had minimal atmospheric turbulence, you could benefit from a 12 bit recording, but almost nobody encounters these conditions.  The requisite conditions to benefit from recording above 8 bits are far better than what most people would report as "very good" seeing.  And 12 bit capture mode doubles your file size and often cuts your frame rate in half. Not a good thing for planetary imaging.




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