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Alguien tiene los equemas de placas y motores NexStar 102SLT


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Mi pregunta es si alguien tiene los esquemas de conexion o sabe donde conseguirlos de Celestron NexStar 102SLT.

El motivo es que aun amigo no le anda el motor de Azimut :complicado y queria ver de conseguir los esquema de placas y motores para analizar cual podia ser la falla.

El estuvo averiguando y lo mas probable es que lo tengo que enviar a EEUU a Celestron pero el costo de envio por Fedex o UPS es de aprox. 80 dolares... y eso no garantiza el regreso (fedex y UPS la vuelta del paquete la hacen hasta Aduana no a domicilio :( )

Muchas gracias!


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Siguiendo buscando encontre lo siguiente:

A friend of mine purchased the 60mm SLT. They all use the same

mount. He then mounted the 80mm Celestron ED on it. It worked well

for a while. The tracking motion is very jerky at high

magnification. The tripod is also fairly shaky also. T_*hen after 3

months of use the azimuth motor failed*_. It took 2 months to get

the replacement and then it was the wrong one. _/After getting the

azimuth motor fixed the altitude motor failed within a month!/_ The

SLT's eat batteries like crazy. A dark site will require a good

field battery.

We did take apart the failed motors to find out why they failed.

Both motors showed heavy arching on the armatures leaving a heavy

coating of soot. Cleaning allowed them to work for a short time but

they did fail again. Celestron has a problem with armature arc

suppression in this design. We did check the suppression diodes and

found them to be good. The true motor failure problem is the actual

brush design. The brushes are wider than the spacing on the

armature. As the brushes wear in from flat they overlap the

commutations on the armature and begin to arc as the motor runs.

Poor motor design. I would be leary of the SLT units. IMO.

I am not bashing Celestron. They make some fine instruments. This

was a very early unit when purchased, they had just came out with

it's design. We did provide feed back on our finding to them. They

may have very well corrected the problem with the motors from their

vendor. The motors are very simple DC units found in many toys. To

control them they placed a small plastic optical encoder on the end

shaft. This provides the closed loop control needed for the GOTO

system. They saved money by not using stepper motors that have no

brushes, and require a more complicated control system.


Fuente: http://cs.astronomy.com/asycs/forums/t/33932.aspx

En resumen lo que dice es que se compro un modelo SLT y que los motores le fallaron a los meses de comprarlo y que el problema es que los motores con los que viene el SLT no son de buena calidad.

Alguien sabe algo al respecto o tuvo inconvenientes con los modelos SLT de Celetron?

Desde ya muchas gracias!



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